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ASVAB Score Requirements for Air Force Jobs

Jobs in the Air Force are categorized by Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) and a minimum score in a particular qualification area (derived from your Air Force ASVAB line scores) is required for each.  Below is a table for each qualification area and the minimum score required for each individual AFSC job.

NEW!  Check out the ASVAB Score Calculator for the most up-to-date information about Air Force score requirements.

General AFSC

AFSC Air Force Job Title Minimum Score
1A011 In-Flight Refueling G53
1A211 Aircraft Loadmaster G55
1A411 Airborne Battle Management Systems G53
1A831 Airborne Cryptologic Linguist G69
1C131 Air Traffic Control G53
1C231 Combat Control G43
1C331 Command Post G48
1C531 Aerospace Control & Warning Systems G53
1N031 Intelligence Applications G55
1N131 Imagery Interpreter G64
1N231 Signals Intelligence Production G52
1N330 Cryptologic Linguist G69
1N431 Signal Intelligence Analysis G58
1N531 Electr Signals Intel Exploitation G69
1N631 Electr System Security Assessment G58
1T031 Survival Evasion, Resist & Escape G53
1T131 Aircrew Life Support G30
1T231 Pararescue G43
1W031 Weather G64 & E50
2A732 Nondestructive Inspection G43
2R031 Maintenance Data Systems Analysis G53
2R131 Maintenance Scheduling G43
2S031 Supply Management A45 or G43
2W031 Munitions System M55 or G55
3C031 Communications Computer Sys Ops G60
3C032 Communications Computer Sys Prgrm G60
3C331 Comm Computer Sys Plan & Implement G58
3E433 Environmental G39
3E531 Engineering G48
3E631 Operations G43
3E731 Fire Protection G39
3E931 Readiness G58
3M031 Services G30
3N031 Public Affairs G69
3N032 Radio & Television Broadcasting G69
3N131 Regional Band G30 or A27
3N231 Premier Band G30 or A27
3P031 Security Forces G35
3V031 Visual Information G43
3V032 Still Photographic G43
3V033 Visual Info Production-Document G58
4A031 Health Services Management G43
4A131 Medical Materiel G43
4B031 Bioenvironmental Engineering G48
4C031 Mental Health Service G53
4D031 Diet Therapy G43
4E031 Public Health G43
4F031 Aeromedical G43
4H031 Cardiopulmonary Laboratory G43
4J031 Occupational Therapy G53
4J032 Physical Therapy G48
4M031 Aerospace Physiology G43
4N031 Medical Service G43
4N131 Surgical Services G43
4P031 Pharmacy G43
4R031 Diagnostic Imaging G43
4T031 Medical Laboratory G58
4T032 Histopathology G43
4U031 Orthotic G43
4V031 Optometry G53
4Y031 Dental Assistant G43
5J031 Paralegal Apprentice G58
6C031 Contracting G70
6F031 Financial Management G55
9TG43 General Aptitude Area G43
9TG58 General Aptitude Area G58
9TG64 General Aptitude Area G64
9TG69 General Aptitude Area G69
9TG70 General Aptitude Area G70

Mechanical AFSC

AFSC Air Force Job Title Minimum Score
1A131 Flight Engineer M44 and E33
1A711 Aerial Gunner M55 or E46
2A333 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance M44
2A531 Aerospace Maintenance M44
2A532 Helicopter Maintenance M51
2A631 Aerospace Propulsion M38
2A632 Aerospace Ground Equipment M44 & E33
2A633 Aircrew Egress Systems M51
2A634 Aircraft Fuel Systems M44
2A635 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems M51
2A731 Aircraft Metals Technology M44
2A733 Aircraft Structural Maintenance M44
2A734 Survival Equipment M38
2E632 Communications Cable Systems M44
2F031 Fuels M44 & G39
2M032 Missile & Space Sys Maintenance M44
2T131 Vehicle Operations M38
2T231 Air Transportation M44 & A32
2T331 Special Purpose Veh & Equip Maint M44
2T332 Special Vehicle Maintenance M38
2T334 General Purpose Veh Maintenance M44
2T335 Vehicle Body Maintenance M51
2W031 Munitions System M55 or G55
2W131 Aircraft Armament Systems M55 or E46
2W231 Nuclear Weapons M55
3E032 Electrical Power Production M51 & E43
3E131 Heating, Vent, Air Cond & Refriger M44 or E33
3E231 Pavements And Construction Equip M38
3E331 Structural M44
3E431 Utilities System M44
3E432 Liquid Fuel System Maintenance M44
3E831 Explosive Ordenance Disposal M55 & G60
9S100 Applied Geophysics M83 & E81
9TM44 Mechanical Aptitude Area M44
9TM51 Mechanical Aptitude Area M51
9TM55 Mechanical Aptitude Area M55

Administrative AFSC

AFSC Air Force Job Title Minimum Score
1C031 Airfield Management A45
1C032 Operations Resource Management A45
2G031 Logistics Plans A61
2S031 Supply Management A45 or G43
2S032 Supply Systems A51
2T031 Traffic Management A40
2T337 Vehicle Maint Control & Analysis A45
3A031 Information Management A32
3C131 Radio Communications Systems A45
3N131 Regional Band G30 or A27
3N231 Premier Band G30 or A27
3S031 Personnel A45
9TA45 Administrative Aptitude Area A45

Electrical AFSC

AFSC Air Force Job Title Minimum Score
1A311 Airborne Communication Systems E67
1A511 Airborne Missions Systems E67
1C631 Space Systems Operations E58
2A031 Avionics Test Station & Component E67
2A131 Avionic Sensors Maintenance E72
2A132 Avionic Guidance & Control Systems E67
2A133 Communication & Navigation Systems E67
2A134 Airborne Surveillance Radar System E67
2A137 Electronic Warfare Systems E67
2A331 F-15/F-111 Avionic Systems E67
2A332 F-16 Avionic Systems E67
2A431 Aircraft Guidance & Control E67
2A432 Aircraft Comm & Nav Systems E67
2A433 A/C Command Control Comm & Nav Sys E67
2A533 Bomber Avionics Systems E67
2A636 Aircraft Elec & Environmental Sys E60 & M45
2E031 Ground Radar System E67
2E131 Satellite & Wideband Comm Equipm E67
2E132 Meteorological & Navigational Sys E67
2E133 Ground Radio Communications E67
2E134 Visual Imagery & Intrusion Detect E67
2E231 Elec Computer & Switching Systems E67
2E633 Telephone Systems E46
2M031 Missile & Space Sys Electr Maint E67
2M033 Missile & Space Facilities E50
2P031 Precision Measurement Equip Lab E67
2W131 Aircraft Armament Systems M55 or E46
3C231 Communication Computer Sys Control E67
3E031 Electrical Systems E33
3E131 Heating, Vent, Air Cond & Refriger M44 or E33
4A231 Biomedical Equipment E67
9TE67 Electronic Aptitude Area E67
9TE72 Electronic Aptitude Area E72

Air Force ASVAB Line Score Details

The Air Force uses your scores on the ASVAB subtests to compute line scores in four aptitude areas.  Called the MAGE (Mechanical, Administrative, General, and Electronics), these scores are calculated as percentiles which rank your score (based on the formula shown below) in comparison to the thousands of other recruits who took the Air Force ASVAB test.

For example, a percentile line score of 70 means that you scored higher in that area than 70% of the other applicants who took the test.  Although you can calculate your raw line score using these formulas your actual percentile rank for each aptitude area will be provided as part of your test score.

Line Score Standard Scores Used Formula Used
Administrative Numerical Operations (NO), Coding Speed (CS), and Verbal Expression (VE) NO + CS + VE
Electronics General Science (GS), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), and Electronics
Information (EI)
GS + AR + MK + EI
General Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Verbal Expression (VE) AR + VE
Mechanical General Science (GS), Mechanical Comprehension (MC), and Auto & Shop Information (AS) 2AS + GS + MC

Air Force ASVAB AFQT Score Requirements

The Air Force is the most restrictive branch of the military when it comes to AFQT scores.

The minumum AFQT score necessary for enlistment in the Air Force is 36 if you have a high school diploma and 65 if you have a GED.  The average yearly Air Force recruitment class contains less than one percent enlistees who have a GED instead of a high school diploma.

The minimum score of 36 can be lowered to 31 if the applicant has a special skill that the Air Force considers critical (like speaking a particular foreign language) but this only happens in rare cases.

Retest Policy

If you don’t meet the minimum AFQT score requirements for the Air Force the option for a retest is available under the following conditions:

  1. The recruiting flight chief must interview the applicant and give approval for the retest.
  2. No retests are allowed for applicants after they’ve enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) or for those who are holding a job area reservation.
  3. Retesting can happen thirty days after the initial test and six months after each retest.
  4. Retesting is authorized to allow an applicant to qualify for additional jobs that require a higher score.