Job Guarantees by Branch

Depending on the results of your ASVAB testing you’ll qualify for enlistment in certain branches of the military and for certain military jobs.  Depending on the service branch, you may be guaranteed a certain job even before you enlist.

Here are the job guarantee details for active duty personnel:

  • Army
    All jobs are guaranteed for all new enlistees.  Every Army recruit knows what his or her job is going to be before the enlistment contract is signed.
  • Air Force
    The majority (60%) of active duty Air Force recruits enlist in one of four guaranteed aptitude areas and the specific job within that aptitude area is assigned during basic training.  The other 40% of active duty Air Force recruits enlist with a guaranteed job.
  • Coast Guard
    The Coast Guard almost never offers a guaranteed job to active duty enlistees.  New recruits enlist as seamen and spend their first year or so of service doing general work.  After that period they can apply for specific job training.
  • Marine Corps
    The majority of active duty Marine Corps recruits are guaranteed one of several job fields like infantry, logistics, avionics, vehicle or aircraft maintenance, etc.  Although each of these job fields is eventually categorized into a specific subjob or  Military Occupation Specialty (MOS), Marine recruits usually don’t find out their MOS until they’re well into basic training.
  • Navy
    Most Navy recruits enlist with a guaranteed job.  However, the option is also available to enlist in a guaranteed career area then apply for a specific job within a year of graduating boot camp.

For the reserve forces all jobs are guaranteed regardless of branch.  This is because potential reserve units are geographically limited to within 100 miles of a reserve enlistee’s home so reserve recruiters are looking to fill vacancies for specific reserve units and their MOS.