How is CAT-ASVAB Question Order Determined?

There’s a common misconception that missing the first few questions on the CAT-ASVAB test will get you an easier test overall.  That’s certainly not true and intentionally missing the first few questions could potentially hurt your score even more than you realize.

The computerized version of the ASVAB will contain the same set of questions for every test taker.  There is no “easier” or “harder” test – every person will get the same questions just potentially in a different order.

It is true that missing the first few questions will cause the easier questions to get moved up in the rotation but you would have received those easy questions anyway so missing a few questions on purpose to get to them earlier offers you no benefit.

Where it can hurt your score is when you run out of time on a subtest and don’t get to answer every question.  Questions are given point values based on difficulty so answering a harder question correctly gives you more points than answering an easier question correctly.

Therefore, if you intentionally miss a few questions at the start to get to the easier questions earlier, not only could one of the questions you intentionally miss be worth several points but you’re also ensuring that the harder questions get moved to the end of the test.  Then, if you run out of time, you’ve guaranteed that the questions with the highest point values are the ones you’ll either be forced to skip altogether or have to rush through answering.

There’s no way to “trick” the computer into giving you anything but the standard ASVAB test.