Air Force ASVAB Line Score Details

The Air Force uses your scores on the ASVAB subtests to compute line scores in four aptitude areas.  Called the MAGE (Mechanical, Administrative, General, and Electronics), these scores are calculated as percentiles which rank your score (based on the formula shown below) in comparison to the thousands of other recruits who took the Air Force ASVAB test.

For example, a percentile line score of 70 means that you scored higher in that area than 70% of the other applicants who took the test.  Although you can calculate your raw line score using these formulas your actual percentile rank for each aptitude area will be provided as part of your test score.

Line Score Standard Scores Used Formula Used
Administrative Numerical Operations (NO), Coding Speed (CS), and Verbal Expression (VE) NO + CS + VE
Electronics General Science (GS), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), and Electronics
Information (EI)
GS + AR + MK + EI
General Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Verbal Expression (VE) AR + VE
Mechanical General Science (GS), Mechanical Comprehension (MC), and Auto & Shop Information (AS) 2AS + GS + MC