ASVAB Score Requirements for Army Jobs

Below are the ASVAB line score requirements for jobs (or Military Occupational Specialties – MOS) in the US Army.  (More about Army line scores.)

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MOS / Job Title ASVAB Line Score Required
00B – Diver GM:100, GT or ST: 110
02 – Band None Established
11B – Infantryman CO:90
11C – Indirect Fire Infantryman CO:90
11H – Heavy Anti – armor Weapons Infantryman CO:90
11M – Fighting Vehicle Infantryman CO:90
12B – Combat Engineer CO:90
12C – Bridge Crewmember CO:90
13B – Cannon Crewmember FA:95
13C – Tactical Automated Fire Control Systems FA:95
13D – Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist FA:100
13E – Cannon Fire Direction Specialist FA:95
13F – Fire Support Specialist FA:100
13M – Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Crewmember OF:105
13P – Multiple Launch Rocket System Operations/Fine Direction Specialist FA:100
13R – Field Artillery (PA) Firefinder Radar Operator SC:100
14D – HAWK Missile System Crewmember OF:100
14E – PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/ Maintainer MM:105
14J – Air Defense Command, Control. Communications, Computers and Intelligence Tactical OperatIons Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer MM:100
14L – AN/TSQ- 73 Air Defense Artillery Command and Control System Operator/Maintainer EL:95
14M – Man Portable AIr Defense System Crewmember OF:90
14R – Bradley Linebacker Crewmember OF:100
14S – AVENGER Crewmember OF:90
14T – PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer OF:100
16P – CHAPARRAL Crewmember OF:100
23R – HAWK Missile System Mechanic (HAWK Msl Sys Mech) EL:110
18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant GT:110 and CO:100
18C – Special Forces Engineer Sergeant GT:110 and CO:100
18D – Special Forces Medical Sergeant GT:110 and ST:100
18E – Special Forces Communications Sergeant GT:100 and SC:100
19D – Cavalry Scout CO:90
19E- M48 – M60 Armor Crewman CO:90
19K- MI Armor Crewman CO:90
24H – HAWK Fire Control Repairer EL:110
24K – HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Repairer EL:110
24M – VULCAN System Mechanic EL:110
24N – CHAPARRAL System Mechanic EL:110
25M- Multlmedia Illustrator ST:95 and EL:95
25R – Visual Infonmation Equipment Operator- Maintainer EL:110
25V Combat Documentation/Production Specialist ST:95 and EL:95
27E – Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repeirer EL:110
27G – CHAPARRAL and REDEYE Repeirer EL:95
27H – HAWK Field Maintenance Equipment and Firing Repairer EL:110
27K – HAWK Fire Control and Continuous Wave Radar Repairer EL:110
27M – Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Repairer EL:95
27T – AVENGER System Repairer EL:100
27X – PATRIOT System Repairer EL:100
31C – Radio Operator – Maintainer SC:100 and EL:100
31F – Network Switching Systems Operator- Maintainer SC:105 and EL:105
31L – Cable Systems lnstaller – Maintainer SC:90 and EL:90
31P – Microwave Systems Operator- Maintainer EL:110
31R – Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator- Maintainer SC:100 and EL:100
31S – Satellite Communication Systems Operator Maintainer EL:120
31U – Signal Support Systems Specialist SC:95 and EL:95
33W – Electronic Warfare/Intercept (EW/l) Systems Repairer ST:115
35B – Land Combat Support System (LCSS) Test Specialist EL:110
35C – Surveillance Radar Repairer EL:115
35D – Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer EL:105
35E – Radlo and Communications Security (COMSEC) Repairer EL:110
35F – Special Electronic Devices Repairer EL:105
35H – Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist EL:110
35J – Telecommunlcation Terminal Device Repairer EL:110
35L – Avionlc Communications Equipment Repairer EL:100
35M – Radar Repairer EL:110
35N – Wlre Systems Equipment Repairer EL:100
35Q – Avlonlc Flight Systems Repairer EL:100
35R – Avionic Radar Repairer EL:100
35Y – Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) Operator and Maintainer EL:110
39B – Automatic Test Equlpment Operator and Maintainer EL:110
37F – Psychological Operations Specialist ST:105
44B – Metal Worker GM:90
44E – Machinist GM:100
45B – SmaII Arms/Artillery Repairer GM:90
45D – Self- propelled Field Artillery Turret Mechanic GM:100
45E – MI ABRAMS Tank Turret Mechanic MM:100
45G – Fire Control Repairer EL:95
45K – Armament Repairer GM:100
45N – M6OAIIA3 Tank Turret Mechanic MM:100
45T – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Turret Mechanic GM:95
46Q – Journalist GT:110
46R – Broadcast Journalist GT:110
51B – Carpentry and Masonry Specialist GM:90
51K – Plumber GM:90
51M – Firefighter GM:90
51R – lnterior Electrician EL:95
51T – Technical Engineering Specialist ST:95
52C – Utilities Equipmnt Repairer GM:100
52D – Power- Generation Equipment Repairer GM:100
52E – Prime Power Production Specialist ST:110
52F – Turblne Engine Driven Generator Repairer GM:100
52G – Transmission and Distribution Specialist EL:95
54B – Chemical Operations Specialist ST:95
55B – Ammunition Specialist ST:100
55D – Explosive Ordnance Disposal GM:105
62B – Constructlon Equipment Repairer MM:90
62E – Heavy Construction Equipment Operator GM:90
62F – Crane Operator GM:90
62G – Quarrying Specialist GM:95
62H – Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator GM:90
62J – General Construction Equulpment Operator GM:90
63B – LIght- Wheel Vehicle Mechanic MM:90
63D – Self- propelled Field Artillery System Mechanic MM:105
63E – MI ABRAMS Tank System Mechanic MM:100
63G – Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairer MM:105
63H – Track Vehicle Repairer MM:90
63J – Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer MM:90
63N – M6OAIIA3 Tank System Mechanic MM:100
63S – Heavy- Wheel Vehicle Mechanic MM:105
63T – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Mechanic MM:105
63W – Wheel Vehicle Repairer MM:90
63Y – Track Vehicle Mechanic MM:105
67G – Utility Airplane Repairer MM:105
67N – UH- 1 Helicopter Repairer MM:105
67R – AH- 64 Attack Helicopter Repairer MM:100
67S – OH- 58D Helicopter Repairer MM:100
67T – UH- 60 Helicopter Repairer MM:105
67U – CH- 47 Helicopter Repairer MM:105
67V – Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer MM:105
67Y- AH- 1 Attack Helicopter Repairer MM:105
68B – Aircraft Powerplant Repairer MM:105
68D – Aircraft Powertrain Repairer MM:105
68F – Aircraft Electrician MM:105
68G – Aircraft Structural Repairer MM:105
68H – Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer MM:105
68J – Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer MM:100 and EL:95
68N – Avionic Mechanic EL:95
68X – AH- 64 Armament/Electrical Systems Repairer MM:100 and EL:105
71D – Legal Specialist CL:110
71L – Administrative Specialist CL:95
71M – Chaplain Assistant CL:95
73C – Finance Specialist CL:95
73D – Accounting Specialist CL:105
74B – lnformation Systems Operator- Analyst ST:100
74C – Telecommunications Operator- Maintainer SC:90 and EL:90
74G – Telecommunications Computer Operator- Maintainer EL:110 and ST:100
75B- Personnel Administration Specialist CL:95
75F – Personnel Information System Management Specialist CL:105
75H – Personnel Services Specialist CL:95
77F – Petroteum Supply Specialist CL:90 and OF:90
77L – Petroleum Laboratory Specialist ST:95
77W – Water Treatment Specialist GM:90
81L – Lithographer ST:85
88H – Cargo Specialist GM:90
88K – Watercraft Operator MM:100
88L – Watercraft Engineer MM:105
88M – Motor Transport Operator OF:90
88N – Transportatlon Management Coordinator CL:100
88P – Railway Equipment Repairer MM:100
88T – Railway Section Repairer MM:90
88U – Railway Operations Crewmember MM:95
91A – Medical Equipment Repairer EL:110
91W – Health Care Specialist ST:95
91D – Operating Room Specialist ST:95
91E – Dental Specialist ST:95
91G – Patient Administration Specialist CL:95
91K – Medical Laboratory Specialist ST:110
91M – Hospital Food Service Specialist OF:100
91P – Radlology Specialist ST:110
91Q – Phanmacy Specialist ST:95
91R – Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist ST:100
91S – Preventive MedicIne Specialist ST:105
91T – Animal Care Specialist ST:95
91V – Respiratory Specialist ST:105
91X – Mental Health Specialist ST:105
42E – Optical Laboratory Specialist GM:100
76J – Medical Supply Specialist CL:95
92A – Automated Logistical Specialist CL:95
92G – Food Service Operations OF:90
92M – Mortuary Affairs Specialist GM:90
92R – Parachute Rigger GM:90 and CO:90
92Y – Unit Supply Specialist CL:95
43M- Fabric Repair Specialist GM:85
57E – Laundry and shower Specialist GM:85
93B – Aeroscout Observer ST:105
93C – Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operator ST:100
93F – Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember EL:95
93P – Aviatlon Operations Specialist ST:95
95B – Military Police ST:95
95C – Correctlons Specialist ST:100
96B – lntelllgence Analyst ST:105
96D – Imagery Analyst ST:95
96H – lmagery Ground Station (IGS) Operator SC:95 and ST:105
96R – Ground Surveillance Systems (GSS) Operator EL:85 and SC:95
96U – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operator SC:105
97B – Counterintelligence Agent ST:105
97E – lnterrogator ST:95
97G – Multidiscipline Counterintelligence Operator/Analyst SC:95 and ST:95
97L – Translator/Interpreter ST:95
98C- Signals Intelligence Analyst ST:105
98D – Emitter Locator/ldentifier ST:95
98G – Voice Interceptor ST:95
98H – Communications Locator/interceptor ST:95
98J – Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst ST:105
98K – Signals Collection/ldentification Analyst ST:95